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Our Team – A Family of 5...

About Us, Ridge Berry Farm, Niagara

We are family, novice farmers, gardeners, historians, and enthusiasts of food, drink and local Niagara. Although proprietors, we view ourselves as facilitators of fun providing cultural, culinary, historical, and artistic experiences upon a dynamic backdrop that is, Ridge Berry Farm.

Christine Scholaert, Ridge Berry Farm Niagara

Christine Scholaert & Carol Bennett

The party crew as we like to call them, take great care and pride in collaborating with those interested in holding a private event at Ridge Berry Farm.

Their creativity and understanding makes them our go-to strategists when it comes to developing an idea and turning it into an unforgettable experience. Their advocacy and knowledge make them your best friends when it comes to organizing tours or experiences.

Without them, the party just would not go on. On top of all they are our marketing team, particular in sourcing and providing to our guests those unique and fun items that make one’s day extra special. Their attention to detail and listening ear can help you find the item you are in search for or create the gift you didn’t know you needed.

Tristan & Morgan Scholaert, Ridge Berry Farm, Niagara

Tristan & Morgan Scholaert

Siblings they are, rivals they’re not. The duo have spent a number of years travelling Europe shaping the foundation of their cooking style and work ethic. They have worked from seedling to plate literally.

Not only do both create in the kitchen, but both work the land providing farm to fork creations seasonally. The care required to grow and present through culinary creations makes these two proud and often hungry!

Hugh Scholaert, Ridge Berry Farm Niagara

Hugh Scholaert

The Idea Man, the visionary behind the scenes, the compass, if you will.

Without this strategist, well, we would be working but most likely in circles. His goals have shaped our values and determined our direction and because of this we are accountable and excited to provide everything and “more to come”, that Ridge Berry Farm has to offer.

Candice Scholaert, Ridge Berry Farm Niagara

Candice Scholaert

Candice takes care of the high level business tasks necessary to promote growth and innovation. She gets a thrill anytime she gets a chance to promote or advocate to the community, working on projects with colleges and universities and reaching out to like-minded individuals and businesses to form sustainable industry partnerships.

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