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History of Ridge Berry Farm

Ridge Berry Farm opened in 2013 as a year-round Niagara destination for experiential learning, food, fun and celebration on the themes of Nature, Culture, Sustainability and Community. Learn about our history here!

Cultural Roots, Ridge Berry Farm Niagara

Cultural Roots

Originally part of a much larger property well over two centuries ago, Ridge Berry Farm has deep cultural roots.

Our historical land and Victorian architecture is the perfect landscape for visitors to get a historical glimpse of this beautiful region.

With just under 30 acres of beautiful landscape, the farm is located in the heartland of the Niagara Peninsula.

The Land

The site which encompasses some 5 acres of Carolinian forest is in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

It is rich sandy loam soil which once was on the shores of an ancient glacial lake.

It was in 1802 when Ernest Martin was granted 200 acres by the Crown. By 1865, the site was cleared and two homesteads were settled where what is now the Victorian manor, a unique Second empire structure.

History of the Ridge Berry Farm Land, Niagara

History of the Ridge Berry Farm Manor, Niagara

The Manor

The manor itself was completed in 1880 by what the Welland Tribune referred to as “…a testament to the man’s good taste”! The man referred to was Josiah Ward, a Free Mason, blacksmith by trade and a dredge manager for the Welland canal.

The property has been home to some of Niagara’s notable preeminent businesses. By 1903, the property was acquired by Alandis Crowe who established the first canning factory in the Township on the property: Ridgeville Canning. It eventually became part of the Vineland Canning Company Limited (1917-1947) and then Canadian Canners (1947).

Visit Ridge Berry Farm to experience the culture of Niagara and all this beautiful region has to offer.

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