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Harvesting Berries

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Harvesting Berries

We're already well into summer and it has been quite some time since our last blog entry. The reason is simple. We're really busy! Not just with the Tea Room but with our many farm activities.

In early summer, it was all about planting and nurturing our seedlings, but in the past month it really has been about the harvesting of our berries, primarily the Black Currants.

We've also been growing lettuce successfully for the first time.

We've always had a difficult time growing lettuce in our raised beds. The reasons tend to be inconsistent watering, pests (ie. rabbits, bugs and deer), and a real inability to generate consistent product on a daily basis.

Our solution was to finally attempt the growing of lettuce using a hydroponic concept in our greenhouse dome. We used the Kratky bucket technique we reported on in previous blog entries. The results are superb and consistent...and, we can maintain a production flow for the Tea Room.

Another veggie that has been problematic for us is the Eggplant. We've never really succeeded and based on our lettuce results, we decided to try Kratky buckets there as well. The results so far are exceptional and we hope to be able to report on a great harvest in the next couple of months. We had so many seedlings, we're also attempting tomatoes and peppers as well.

Our raised beds currently have tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, pumpkins and more eggplants. Of course, earlier in the season, one bed of veggies was completed eaten by rabbits and deer. An entire raised bed of strawberries (plants and fruit) were also swallowed up by a deer. It's a depressing site. However, a sufficient number of plants have survived and matured to potentially provide us with a good fall harvest. We hope to report on some pretty exciting results in September.

It's now time to get back to the field......

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