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From Winter Straight Into Summer

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From Winter Straight Into Summer

The month of May has already come and gone and it is as if Spring never happened!

The early flowers have bloomed (tulips, daffodils, lily of the valley, etc.) and now we're already facing some abnormally warm weather. For us, this has meant a lot of work on our raised beds. We've been harvesting asparagus and rhubarb. We've transplanted our tomato and borage seedlings and still need to transplant the peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, melons and pumpkins. We're also experimenting on the hydroponic growing of lettuce for the Tea Room.

On the foraging front, the ramps have already come and gone (they made for a wonderful home-made soup for the Tea Room). We've even harvested young nettle and prepared some for home. They are super-nutritious and tasty (simply blanch then pan fry in olive oil or butter and some garlic; finish with a dash of lemon juice).

Preparing Nettles (gloves essential!)

Spring (no matter how short) is always intriguing at the farm...particularly when it comes to wildlife. Every year so far, we find on the property nesting snapping turtles. They just love the sandy loam of the ridge behind our home and barn. Invariability this leads to the discover of yelping baby turtles which we always end up returning to one of the ponds.

Annual Rubn of the Baby Snapping Turtles

We've also had time to host our first Chinese tour group. We love sharing our food and the history of the region and this year the team really got into the spirit by dressing up in their Victorian best.

We even had time to shoot a video for local real estate agent Debbie Pine. The video was hosted by Midge (Elisa) Goldhawke of Love It or List Fame (she just had to try our latest Black Currant sparkling wine). It was great fun, now we're all impatiently waiting for the results.

Finally we've decided to be a bit more innovated on the baking front. The Tea Room is now producing a variety of cakes and pastries and every month we're determined to try something new. This month, the hit were "Cherry Bombs".

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